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Tyros Global Transport Company

The company on Greek and global transportation has been known nationwide, thanks to 45-years' experience of its founder and director Konstantinos Tyros. Aware of the high demands, with focus on fast and reliable service of the individual and the professional we take care of the transportation and storage of your goods. With own vehicles, from a package, a container until full loads, removals to and from all parts of Greece and abroad, in the most competitive prices with full insurance.

Εμπορικές Μεταφορές, Εισαγωγές και Εξαγωγές Εμπορευμάτων. Μεταφορές Εξωτερικού, Μεταφορές Εσωτερικού, Μετακομίσεις, Αποστολές δεμάτων

Commercial Trasport, Imports And Exports Of Products
Tyros Global Transport Door to Door company commits itself in weekly basis to transporting whole or segmentary loads and commodity of every kind from all over Greece to every country of Europe.

Global Transportation
In association with big transport companies all over the world, we guarantee your product delivery in 8 days destined for Europe or 20 for America, Asia, Australia.

Transportation in Greece
Transportation of every kind across Greece. Quick delivery that competes with courier companies in delivery time.

We commit ourselves to receiving the objects of your removal from your house, packing and delivering them to your new residence on the date of your choice.